Our Mission

Our olive groves are between the natural parks of Sierra Magina and Cazorla, the heart of the province of Jaén, an area with great biodiversity and environmental resources for traditional farming.
We respect the natural cycle of our trees, making a meticulous tracing of each one of them. We take care of the farming, extraction, storage and packaging of a high quality EVOO full of fragrances.
We are constantly instilled with confidence when we revisit our history, the true know-how of those who live and breathe this place, the engine that spurs us to continue innovating. Offering new gastronomic experiences, without leaving the health and conservation of our environment.

The advantages of organic olive growing

Avoid erosion on the slopesof the olive grove

Contribute in the fertilization of the crop by the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by the natural or planted legumes

Increase soil organic matter

Increase soil biological activity

Provide adequate habitat to natural enemies of pest

Obtainig a high  quality organic product


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